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Sewing pins from Merchant & Mills which are very practical when sewing and when blocking all the knitting. Perfect addition to your notions collection, they sure will brighten ones day. There are 100 pins in the box.

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About Merchant & Mills:

Carolyn Denham and Roderick Field are the people behind Merchant & Mills. Their website states the following:

Style: The decision was made put style to work in our presentation and packaging, as a language that would attract the very people that had hitherto overlooked sewing. Equally we were determined to include the steadfast makers and menders who had continued regardless of current trends.

Purpose: in supplying patterns, fabrics and tools that allowed the creation of a desirable functioning wardrobe. We offered a viable, wearable alternative to the increasingly indistinguishable options of the high street.
Their vision is admired by us at Vatnsnes Yarn and therefore we are proud to offer their products for sale.

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