Our gift cards are the perfect present for knitters, crocheters and yarn lovers of all kinds!

You can get a gift cards with these amounts (in Icelandic króna) 5.000, 7.000, 10.000, 15.000 og 20.000ISK, either printed (small charge of 500ISK applies) or sent to your email address for you to print out.

Printed gift cards are of size A6 and come in an envelope, shipped to the provided address.

Downloadable gift cards are sent as a pdf document to the provided email address, which you can then forward to the recipient or print out at home, or have it sent directly to the recipient.

Choose either a printed card (blue ones) or a downloadable one (green ones), an amount and how many you’d like and add to your cart.



Each gift card has a code which can be used on our website for purchasing any product. The process isn’t automatic so please allow for 2 days for delivery to your email address and the same for printed gift cards, which are shipped. If you are in a hurry, please send me an email to kristin@vatnsnesyarn.is and I will get to it sooner :)

Our gift cards are valid on this website (www.vatnsnesyarn.is) only and are valid for a year. Gift cards cannot be returned.

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