Retailers & Designers

My mission is to provide makers and crafters with hand-dyed quality yarn for their next project. I’m interested in partnering with modern and business-focused yarn shops who are passionate about bringing quality yarn to their customers.

I offer a nice selection of yarn bases. Merino wool, BFL wool, and blends of merino + nylon, silk, cashmere, and mohair to name a few and the Icelandic Wool, hand dyed.

I’ve chosen our yarns carefully. It’s important to me that nowhere in the process any animal/human cruelty is allowed to happen. I offer both superwashed and non-superwashed wool. The superwashed wool I stock is processed in a mill that is accredited with the EU Flower and OEKO-TEX 100.


I love working with knitwear designers. The collaboration most often includes “yarn support”. If you are interested in using Vatnsnes Yarn for your next design, please complete the form and I will contact you as soon as possible.