Kristín Guðmunds – Artistic Director & Head Dyer at Vatnsnes Yarn

My name is Kristin and I, like SO many of you, have a thing for yarn. I learned to knit in elementary school, about when I was 9 I guess. Sadly it’s not a romantic story with a nostalgic glow, because A) the teacher was on “liquid diet” and smoked like a mofo… and B) I clearly, very clearly, remember accidentally sitting on a sewing-pin (the small kind you use for pinning fabric when sewing), someone had put in my chair. I can tell you that it was worse to take it out than when I sat on it.

I like the diversity of blends of yarn you can get your hands on today. For that reason I like to stock many bases. I always choose quality over quantity and choose carefully from where the fibre is sourced.

I dye yarn in small lots and most of the time, the yarn is dyed to order.

“My mission is to provide hand-dyed quality yarn for makers all over the world, by designing, with passion, unique artistic colorways and color-combinations, which will be perfect for your next project.”

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