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Welcome to my new website.. or it’s not totally new, this is the english version of the original Icelandic one. This website has been in the process for such a long time, somehow I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment or that the site was perfect or something, all while I perfectly (!) know that this kind of behaviour is called procrastination and being afraid to just take that next step.

Since I recently got into a bit of a “fu** it” mode,  I decided to just open it up. My concept is that I list ready-to-ship yarn in The Yarn Market and later on, hopefully very soon, I’ll have listed all the colors and yarn bases so that you can order what every you fancy.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

The Yarn Market

Most of the time I dye to order, but the yarn listed in The Yarn Market will be shipped next working day. The Yarn Market is updated regularly, but with randomly picked dates and times 😉

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